Station Wagon

The Station Wagon car group offers a huge amount of space for extra luggage, great for large families or a group of people on a fishing or camping trip. The group includes Opel Astra's and Toyota Corolla's. As with most car hire companies it is not possible to reserve a specific car model only the group type. Our fleet has a wide range of cars in all car groups and our staff will do their utmost to provide you with your car preference.


With an extended hatchback boot the Station Wagon car group is ideal for people with extra or larger than standard luggage. It is great for groups of people going on fishing trips or golfing holidays, also great for families heading on a sporting holiday. The car will comfortably seat 2 adults in the front and 3 adults in the back. For a group with more than five people try the People Carrier.

More Cars in This Group

  • Opel Astra Estate
  • Toyota Corolla Estate
Station Wagon
  • car door
    4 Doors
  • large case
    3 Suitcases
  • small case
    3 Bags
  • car seat
    5 Seats
  • manual transmission
    Manual Transmission